A day at the races: Wiener dog style

Yesterday I went out to Turfway Park, the local horse racing park, to watch the Wiener Dog races at the Polytrack Puppy Party and man was it entertaining!  The races were each setup very much like what you would expect for the horse races.  There were betting boxes for each of the wiener dogs entered and each corresponded to the gate location for each dog.  I placed a bet in the second race on wiener dog #2 and was not disappointed as you will see from the slide show.  That little dog was Wicked Fierce!  After each of the betting boxes closed, the wiener dogs were announced by name and gate location and the owners of each of the competitors ran them out to the start line.  The wiener dogs were either held or they stood at the line, nails to the edge, awaiting the gun!

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At the finish line a trainer for each of the competitors would yell and scream the dog’s name trying to get the dogs to run in their direction.  This strategy did not have much impact on most of the dogs as only a few actually made it to the finish line.  The mere presence of the competing dogs made it difficult for some of the dogs to focus on the task at hand and I kept thinking of the saying “like herding cats”.  The few competitors that did make it to the finish line ran with the poise and excitement seen only at the racetrack!

I applaud the efforts of all the Wiener dogs that competed and gave 110%, each were truly inspiring!  And thanks to the Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) for putting on a very entertaining event!

Bucket List items are different for everyone

Recently I experienced what Corporate America defines as “downsizing”.  To any of you that this has happened to, we know it as losing our jobs.  Yes, I could be bitter but instead I have decided to accept it as a gift, a time to stop and smell the roses so to speak.  So, in keeping with the new-found bucket list craze, I decided to take a slow tour down memory lane to relive my bucket list items.

I decided to take a look back at all of the wonderful things that I have experienced over the years.  My first recollection took me back to my teen years when I went to my first major league baseball game.  As a teen I loved playing sports, watching sports and thinking about sports.  So on a hot June day in the summer of 75 I went to my first ballgame.  The Cincinnati Reds were playing the Atlanta Braves, Don Gullett was on the mound and the Big Red Machine was on the field.  It was a magnificent day!

1975 Big Red Machine

The Reds won that day 9-2, but I don’t remember much about the game, but what I do remember was walking up the ramp to our seats seeing the field for the first time, it was fantastic!  I heard Joe and Marty, smelled the hot dogs steaming and could feel the tremendous electricity of the crowd.  And I thought, what a beautiful site it was to see in person the guys that were the Big Red Machine.  It was a great day, one I still remember and an experience I will never forget and realize now was the start of my Bucket List.

Bucket List item #1 – have seen my first major league baseball game and happily experienced the summer of the Big Red Machine!