Anime / Manga drawing exercise

This week I thought I would try drawing a few anime/manga drawings.  I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between the two styles but I did enjoy drawing each picture.  I like the simple drawing style of both and the uniqueness of the eyes.

Keep drawing!


K Lentz

Cartoon pencil drawing of Apple CEO Tim Cook

I love both caricature and cartooning and I was watching a caricature artists tutorial about drawing Tim Cook.  I was drawing along with the artist and this is what I ended up with more of a cartoon of Tim Cook than a caricature.  Same amount of fun just finished with a different look.  🙂

Keep drawing!  Enjoy!

K Lentz

The Eyes have it

So one of the things I struggle with is drawing eyes.  I decided to make that my drawing this week and I feel pretty good about how the eye turned out.  What are some of the things you struggle with in your art? Any suggestions about how I could make this eye better? 🙂


K Lentz