Cienna – with folded wings is Corporate Girl!

For some time now I have had an idea in my head for a comic book character, Corporate Girl – fighting white-collar crime one necktie at a time. I recently came up with three different versions of what I think Cienna might look like, but I’m not sure any has the right look.  My thoughts were to have a cross between the Manga type characters and the Bratz dolls.  I’m definitely not a comic book artist but more of a master doodler and simply enjoy drawing.  I would like for anyone reading this, to kindly offer suggestions as to how Cienna may look using the three examples as a start.  Keep in mind each are very basic and first drafts, so anything goes.  I’m thinking, her skin tone needs to be darker and possibly more lizard like and she will probably need to wear glasses.  Number crunching definitely takes a toll on your eyes.

Here is a brief background for the character.  Cienna is a fashion forward, urban, hip 30 something with a PhD in Economics and a C.P.A.  She seeks employment in, what she believes are, corrupt fortune 500 companies.

Cienna – with folded wings, is a second generation Dwindlekin from the island of Dwindelaize. Being a Dwindlekin, she has the special ability to shrink down to half an inch in size, similar to what we know as fairy’s. Cienna can go short distances very quickly using her shrinkability gift and can move in all directions. While dwindled, her cell structure contains chromatophores, much like those found in chameleons, that allow her skin color to change to mimic her surroundings.

Meet Cienna with folded wings.

Kim Lentz


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