Entrepreneurship – The Way I See Things

The way I see things my recent experience with downsizing has given me the time to consider my options for a career change.  I have spent my life crunching numbers and analyzing data, but my true passion has always been of a more creative discipline, photography.  I have decided that the opportunity to turn my passion for photography into a business has arrived, no more putting it off.  The most important bucket list item of my career has just moved its way into the #1 spot, entrepreneurship.

Here is an example of the types of slide shows that would be available.

I have spent a lifetime taking pictures of anything and everything and I absolutely love it!  I know some would say that the field is overcrowded but I believe that I have the skills and passion to give it a go.  I have maintained, for some time now, the web site “The Way I See Things” and it is a grouping of the various photos that I have taken over the years, please check it out.  The main focus of my work is going to be slide show photography and photographic stories, as I feel ones life cannot merely be summed up in a portrait.

Bucket List Item #1 – Entrepreneurship.  Wish me well!

Kimberly Lentz


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